Mila Kunis & Zoe Saldana lesbian scene

After Sex, 2007

Adult content

CoverMovie info: After Sex is a 2007 American romantic comedy-drama film about several couples having conversations after sex.It looks at the complexity of modern-day relationships told through eight separate couples. Through dialogue and compromising situations, the film goes from the beginning of a relationship to the aftermath of one, and examines every stage in between. Vignettes about eight different couples at varying points in their relationships, each having conversations immediately after having sex. Nikki and Kat are two college roommates who are in a casual sexual relationship where Nikki allows Kat to perform oral sex on her, but insists that she is not a lesbian and only likes the oral sex because Kat performs it better than a guy. During their visit to the campus library, Kat admits to Nikki that she really is a lesbian, but is comfortable with hiding the fact from her strict parents.

Watch online: Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana in After Sex (Unseen Director’s Cut)
Country: USA
Runtime: 14 min(s) from 77 / 01:17 min(s)
Language: English
Released: 2007
Genre(s): comedy, drama
Starring: Mila Kunis [photo] & Zoe Saldana [photo]
Director: Eric Amadio
IMDb ID: 0465375, rating 5.60
Please note: This is an edited and low quality sample video for entertainment purposes only. If you want to watch the whole movie in HD quality, please visit «Label» page (click the link above) for more information about producers.
Legal: All persons depicted in this video were over the age of 18 years at the time they were photographed or filmed according to 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.

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