Claudia Christian: Taboo

Claudia Christian‘s ‘Taboo’ — uncut & explicit

Claudia Christian

Claudia Christian is an actress, a writer, a musician, a singer. She wrote both the lyrics and music for her first CD Taboo, which she co-produced with Michael Jay.

She also has produced and sung on two additional albums, Claudia Squared, and the jazz & blues album, Trying to Forget. Her long-awaited fourth CD, Once Upon a Time, has her working again with the extremely talented musician and her Babylon 5 (1994) co-star Bill Mumy and recent winners of the John Lennon song-writing award, Share and Bam Ross. Always expanding her musical horizons, she went to Scotland to record an album for the first ever Sci-Fi musical, Area 51.

Watch online: music video ‘Taboo’ by Claudia Christian
Published on September 7, 2008
Video info: Taboo is a music video based from her first single. It was shot in old house in Los Feliz, a studio in Culver City and on the freeway over pass near Cahuenga in Los Angeles.
Duration: 04:51 min(s)
Language: English, Francais
Album: Taboo
Released: 1996
Genre(s): Pop, British Pop
Starring: Alex Tydings (Aphrodite in Xena: Warrior Princess) and a gal named Sebastian.
Artists: Julianna Ray and Jenna Robinson singing back up
Produced by: Michael Jay
Label: Super Tracks Music Group
Please note: This is an edited and low quality sample music video for entertainment purposes only. If you want to watch the whole movie in HD quality, please visit «Studio» page (click the link above) for more information about producers.

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