Fifth Column: Donna

Fifth ColumnʻʻDonnaʼʼ

Beverly Breckenridge, Caroline Azar, Donna Dresch
Fifth Column: Beverly Breckenridge, Caroline Azar, Donna Dresch in Chicago
(photo by Gennifyr Novak)

Fifth Column was a Canadian experimental psychedelic post-punk queercore band from Toronto, formed in 1981 and disbanded in 2002. They took their name Fifth Column from a military manoeuvre by fascist Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War.

Instant line-up are: G.B. Jones (drums, guitar, vocals), Caroline Azar (vocals, organ, guitar) and Beverly Breckenridge (bass; from 1986).

Previous members are: Kathleen Pirrie Adams (bass; 1980–1982), Janet Martin (guitar; 1980–1985), Anita Smith (bass; 1982–1986), Charlotte Briede (guitar; 1985–1990), David Keyes (of The Polkaholics) (drums; 1989), Joel Wasson (drums; 1990–1992), Chaz Salmon (guitar; 1990–1992), Michelle Breslin (of Karaoke and Sadoceanspacebear) (guitar; 1992–1996), Don Pyle (of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and Phono-Comb) (drums; 1992–1993), Donna Dresch (of Team Dresch) (guitar; 1993), Torry Colichio (drums; 1993–1994), Luc Menard (drums; 1995–1996)

In 1992 they released a single, ʻʻAll Women Are Bitchesʼʼ, on the independent record label K Records. In 2004 the song ʻʻAll Women Are Bitchesʼʼ was covered and re-imagined by the band Lesbians On Ecstasy on their self-titled debut album as ʻʻBitchsyʼʼ. That same year a video for the song ʻʻDonnaʼʼ was also released. It was the flipside of the 1992 single and was also on their third album 36C released in 1994 (another two: To Sir With Hate released in 1985 and All-Time Queen of the World in 1990 by Hide Records). So Fifth Column released three full albums in their career, their final effort on K Records with Donna Dresch (Team Dresch) playing on guitar.

The band’s last recording was released in 2002, on the Kill Rock Stars compilation, Fields And Streams. Caroline Azar again teamed up with G.B. Jones to create the installation/performance The Bruised Garden in 2013 at The Theatre Centre in Toronto, Ontario, which included music composed by the pair and credited to Fifth Column, making this their last song written together.

Watch online: music video ʻʻDonnaʼʼ by Fifth Column
Published on Sep 14, 2017
Duration: 04:14 min(s)
Language: English
Single & Album: All Women Are Bitches, 36C
Released: 1992, 1994
Genre(s): Punk Rock, Indie Rock
Starring: Caroline Azar, Beverly Breckenridge, G. B. Jones, Margaret LaMarre, Pat LeFebvre, Mark Grosicki, Michelle Breslin, Jena von Brucker, Ottilie Mason, Norma Jean LeFebvre, April Poppe and Donna Dresch
Artists: vocals, keyboards – Caroline Azarbass, backing Vocals – Beverly Breckenridge, drums – Joel Wasson, guitar – Charlie Salmon & Michelle Breslin, guitar, backing vocals – G.B. Jones
Composers: C. Azar, D. Dresch
Lyrics by: Caroline Azar & GB Jones
Directed by: Friday Myers
Producer: Fifth Column, Anita Smith
Label: K
Please note: This is an edited and low quality sample music video for entertainment purposes only. If you want to watch the whole movie in HD quality, please visit «Studio» page (click the link above) for more information about producers.

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