Rockbitch: Holy

RockbitchʻʻHolyʼʼ Music Video

Julie Worland, Lisa Wills, Amanda Smith-Skinner,  Nikki Fay, Joanne Heeley, Luci the Stage Slut

Rockbitch were an expat, British, mostly female, metal band, best known for performing nude and incorporating sexual acts and Pagan rituals into their performances. Rockbitch became famous because of sex acts with audience members via The Golden Condom. During their shows, a condom was tossed into the crowd; whoever caught it (male or female) was taken backstage for sexual relations with one or more band members. The group is actually a subset of a matriarchal and polyamorous commune in a house in France.

The first band that can be said to have a direct link to RockBitch is Cat Genetica, which was formed in 1984 by the Bitch and the Beast by bassist Amanda Smith-Skinner (the Bitch) and guitarist Tony Skinner (the Beast). The group was later, in 1989, renamed Red Abyss. Red Abyss became Rockbitch with the lineup change of Jo Heeley on drums. The lineup varied over the years to include The Haema-Whore, Suna Dasi aka Kali, Martina aka Erzulie, Chloe and Erzulie—the Sex Magik Priestesses as a combination of sexual performance artists and gonzo-camera team.

The name change also heralded changes of musical style (becoming harder-edged), lyrical style (taking on a more serious tone), and stage philosophy (the band began expressing their sexual politics onstage). This last change took the form of the group, by now almost exclusively female, performing sex acts on stage and performing, at least partially, in the nude.

When RockBitch released Motor Driven Bimbo CD in 1999 on label Steamhammer, the lineup was singer Julie Worland (Priestess of the Warrior Cult), Lisa Wills aka Babe took lead guitar, backing vocals and also webmistress duties, Amanda Smith-Skinner on bass (the Bitch), Nikki Fay on piano & flute (Nymphomaniac), Joanne Heeley aka Epone (Confrontational Predatory Lesbian) on drums, Luci the Stage Slut, and Tony Skinner aka the Beast. However, in 2000, since the release of that disc, the Beast has gone from being guitarist to band manager, while Luci, previously Stage Slut (one of the nude dancers and sexual band/crowd liaisons), took over rhythm guitar.

After the release of its first studio album, Motor Driven Bimbo, Rockbitch were increasingly pressured to censor their stage performances by their record company. They refused and successfully negotiated a release from their contract. A second, goth-influenced album, titled Psychic Attack (2002), was never released.

In 2005, the entire latter-day Rockbitch lineup emerged under the name MT-TV. This was a music-only project—no sex or nudity of the Rockbitch days—but it incorporated stage theatrics and provided sociosexual-based political comment through its lyrics. After a UK tour in summer 2005, they performed throughout the United States. The first part of their US tour was documented on the DVD Shevolution, released by Blackwing Films in 2006.

Amanda and Jo subsequently went on to form the band Syren with singer/songwriter Erin Bennett, who joined the Rockbitch commune in 2006. In 2012, Jo died of breast cancer. Amanda gave up her musical career shortly after. Erin Bennett subsequently continued as a solo artist with a backing band that contains some ex-members of Rockbitch, discarding the name Syren and performing as Erin Bennet & the EB band.

Julie, the lead singer of Rockbitch, continues her musical career under the name Krow, creating hard dance music in the style of Noise Terror Punk EDM.

Watch online: official RockBitch music video for ʻʻHolyʼʼ
Published on Apr 8, 2014
Duration: 04:28 min(s)
Language: English
Album: Psychic Attack
Released: 2002 (never released)
Genre(s): Gothic metal
Director: Norman Hull This Is Rockbitch (2003). IMDb
Please note: This is an edited and low quality sample music video for entertainment purposes only. If you want to watch the whole movie in HD quality, please visit «Studio» page (click the link above) for more information about producers.

Holy Lyrics

Always pleased to meet me
Always you have a smile

Only the holy
Only the holy
Only the holy
Holy, Holy, Holy

Come what may I love you
Cause you say you love me too

Always pleased to fuck me
Always you take my love

Only the holy
Only the holy
Only the holy
Holy, Holy, Holy

Come what may I love you
Cause you say you love me too

Holy, Holy
Holy, Holy

Come what may I love you
Cause you say you love me too

written by Rockbitch

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