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Lesbian rap & hip hop duo Team Gina from Seattle, WA is made up of two fierce femmes: Gina Bling on vocals and Gina Young aka Gina Genius on vocals too. They have performed with artists like Leslie & The Ly’s, The Go! Team, Stink Mitt, Robosapien, The Athens Boys Choir, The Cliks, Fankick and Scream Club.

Team Gina released their debut EP Gina Gina Revolution (audio CD, DSBR005) in January 2007 and Products of the Eighties (audio CD, DSBR014) in 2008. The Ginas have toured nationally from 2006 till 2010 and in 2011 for a few reunion shows. After that Gina Bling started her carera as a fulltime massage therapist, then later as a small business owner in Seattle, and Gina Young released solo albums. Also Young is the co-creator, alongside Amanda-Faye Jimenez, and director of Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo, a play in Los Angeles.

Their song consist of raw, boiled-down Casio beats, set underneath a machinegun fire rapping style. Brilliantly using classic rap devices like cautionary tales about relationships, Team Gina joke about stereotypical themes in lesbian culture in songs such as “Wife Swapping”.

In 2007, one of the best lesbian music videos ever was made: Team Gina‘s “Butch/Femme”. Is anything cooler than Team Gina, the hot queer lyricists behind the anthem “Butch/Femme”? Gina Bling and Gina Genius outline their plea in the exemplary track, “Butch/Femme”, where they sample the lyrical pace of another Seattle product, Sir Mix-a-Lot. They pine: “I like butch girls and I cannot lie. You other femmes can’t deny. When a butch walks in, all the femmes wanna fuss, cuz there’s, like, one of them, and 30 of us!”.

On their song, “Butch Femme”, some interpreted their lyrics as suggesting that all butches are tops and all femmes are bottoms. Gina Genius responds, “It’s been kind of a controversy of people saying, ‘What are you saying about the community? Is that some kind of a rigid role thing that you ascribe to?’ And of course we’re like, ‘Uh, no! Do what you want, we love it all!’”

Asked what prompted this outburst on the epidemic of the disappearing butch, Gina Genius said: “Quite simply, we love butch girls! A lot of the straight world doesn’t understand or appreciate butchness, and a lot of butches feel like they don’t measure up to transmen in the community, and so we just wanted to write a song telling them that we love them just the way they are!”

Watch online: “Butch/Femme” music video by Team Gina
Published on Aug 15, 2007
Runtime: 04:21 min(s)
Language: English
Album: Gina Gina Revolution
Released: 2007
Genre(s): Hip Hop
Starring: featuring Cindy Wonderful from Scream Club
Directed by: Gina Mainwal
Produced by: superGfilms
Label: Don’t Stop Belivin’ Records
iTunes Apple Music:
Amazon Music:
Please note: This is an edited and low quality sample music video for entertainment purposes only. If you want to watch the whole movie in HD quality, please visit «Studio» page (click the link above) for more information about producers.

Team Gina: Butch/Femme Lyrics

1: Damn. You see that girl over there Gina?
2: Yeah, the one with the leatherman?
1: Oh. She looks real good.
1: They don’t make them like that anymore
2: It’s true. They’re a dying breed.
1: And you know what’s sad? You don’t see as many of them as you used to, like in the day you know, when they had to wear at least three pieces of women’s clothing so they wouldn’t get arrested?
2: Yeah, they would get tattoos of stars so they would recognise each other.
1: Aw, she’s just so tough
2: Damn
1: She’s just so handsome
2: She’s so… butch!

I like butch girls and I cannot lie
You other femmes can’t deny
When a butch walks in all the femmes wanna fuss
Because there’s like one of them and thirty of us

I see you girl with your backwards cap
And I know you want me to sit in your lap
Butches and femmes I think it’s so hot
Because they know how to hit each other’s right spot

Sometimes I miss the butch/femme dynamic
Because only girls in carhartts can make me panic
It’s frantic — the way we search the room for signs of life
Wearing a wife beater, half-season hair spike
I like a girl whose pants hang of her ass
I like a girl with a little bit of body mass
I like a girl who knows she makes me gawk
At her star tattoos, sunglasses and mohawk

When I spot a butch and her eyes avert this
The words won’t come out because I get so nervous
How do I tell her that Ilike her style?
I’m the kind of femme to go the extra mile
Fulfil your needs, kiss you for days
But in the morning you scramble the eggs
With a French manicure I can still fix the plumbing
And I don’t need a man to give me a good humping

I know how to change my oil
And I can talk to a hot butch girl with a bunch of foil
When we walk down the street together
Open my doors forever and ever
Write me letters, bring me flowers
Screw me all night for hours and hours
I wanna date butch girls for life
Every butch in town wanna make me her wife
Take me for a walk down a dark alley
And I’ll show you the meaning of femme hospitality

That’s how we do

Wanna show some appreciation
On behalf of the queer femme nation (x3)
Huh? What? You know what I like?
The rough strong hands of a big butch dyke (x3)
Butch dyke. Butch dyke dyke dyke

I don’t wanna look tough but I got to start speaking
I’ll put my arms around you while you’re sleeping
I don’t wanna treat you like a doormat
If you have a flat tyre, I could change that
I could be there too to relieve your tension
And I could hook up your stereo-system
Plus, if there was a noise in the night
I’d be the one jumping out the bed and ready to fight
And I’d do my best to keep you safe and sound
And then take you out for a night in the town
‘Cause I love to watch you getting ready
But most of the time you never let me
But that’s ok, you’re worth the wait
And who says that femmes can’t pay for the date

Wanna show some appreciation
On behalf of the queer femme nation (x3)
Huh? What? You know what I like?
The rough strong hands of a big butch dyke (x3)

Hey butch girl, I’m kinda having a problem
I see you from your hanky that you’re flagging a bottom (What?)
It’s not that I wanna be a stereotype
Of a passive femme girl, receptive, polite
But come on is your bark worse than your bite?
Are you really going to make me top you tonight? (No!)
I’m not trying to be predictable
But you’re going to have to pin me against this wall…

Wanna show some appreciation
On behalf of the queer femme nation (x4)

(Oh. Is that what that bandana meant? Oh no. I must have had that in the wrong pocket or something. I’m a top, I swear!)

There ain’t no butch like the one I got
No one can — me better
Sleeps around but she gives me a laugh
She’s got a harness made of leather
My friends they tell me I should leave her alone
Uh huh, uh huh
Well, tell them dykes to find a butch of their own.

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