Tribe 8 — Femme Bitch Top

Dyke punk band Tribe 8‘s official video for the song ʻʻFemme Bitch Topʼʼ

Queercore L-band

Tribe 8 considered one of the first queercore punk and all-women outspoken dyke band from San Francisco, California, USA, active in 1991–2005. The band took their name from the practice of tribadism, a ʻʻtribe eightʼʼ being a play on the word tribade, a word which was once used to refer to lesbianism.

Lesbian queercore band Tribe 8 formed with a lineup including vocalist Lynn Breedlove, rhythm guitarist Lynn Flipper aka Silas Howard, and lead guitarist Leslie Mah (formerly of Anti-Scrunti Faction). Tribe 8 has had some turnover of personnel — other members includes: drums Jen Schwartz aka Jen Rampage & Kat Buell, bass – Mahia Kobayashi, Lynn Payne aka Tantrum & Mama T, and Slade Bellum.

Their songs often deal with subjects such as S/M, nudity, fellatio, and transgender issues. The group’s controversial nature encouraged former Dead Kennedys vocalist Jello Biafra to sign them to his Alternative Tentacles label, where Tribe 8 has released three albums. The women play indie rock venues as well as women’s and gay & lesbian music festivals, toured throughout the United States, they also played in Europe and Canada.

In concerts, including ʻʻFemme Bitch Topʼʼ live performances, lead singer Breedlove frequently performed shirtless, wearing a strap-on dildo, and encouraged audience members to interact with it: “She don’t give a big rubber dick about tricks”.

Watch online: music video ʻʻFemme Bitch Topʼʼ by Tribe 8
Published on Feb 13, 2009
Video info: Tribe 8‘s live performances of “Femme Bitch Top” featured women in high-femme regalia erotically, yet by sadomasochist representation, mutilating dildos onstage was the previously discussed gender-bending, concerning a virile dominatrix. As Leslie Mah stated: ʻʻwell, we just made this video to this song called Femme Bitch; And it was just by these two girls, it wasn`t professional at all, but it was an unreally fun thing that we tried to get all our friends to participate inʼʼ.
Length: 03:38 min(s)
Language: English
Album: Pig Bitch (EP) & Fist City
Released: 1992, 1995
Genre(s): Punk Rock
Artists: bass – Mahia Kobayashi, drums – Kat Buell, guitar – Leslie Mah & Lynn Flipper, vocals [singer] – Lynn Breedlove
Directed by: Romy Suskin
Produced by: Jeff Mann, Tribe 8
Label: HARP Records, Tribe8 & Alternative Tentacles Records
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Please note: This is an edited and low quality sample music video for entertainment purposes only. If you want to watch the whole movie in HD quality, please visit «Studio» page (click the link above) for more information about producers.

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