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ServiceScape logoServiceScape is an online marketplace that connects clients with editors. ServiceScape is a global marketplace for service-related commerce. An expansion of the freelance directory systems of EditAvenue and LanguageScape ( and have been merged into, a freelance directory that gives you access to multi-lingual editing). ServiceScape provides the construct for online outsourcing whether you need an experienced professional for your project, you are an experienced professional who seeks increased visibility, or your business requires access to a freelance labor force.

Are you currently working on a scientific paper? Are you hoping to have it published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal? Journals are always looking to publish good research, but they will not accept writing that is chock-full of errors. Don’t let subpar writing and editing ruin your scientific paper! Well-conducted and properly-designed research requires writing that has good flow and structure and that is free of errors. ServiceScape`s editors can help refine your paper and increase its chances of being accepted for publication.

You need a professional, but you don’t know where to start? With ServiceScape, you can browse hundreds of freelance profiles and view each professional’s description, credentials, portfolio, and client ratings of past projects. You can send a message that details every aspect of what you need, or set up a conference call and communicate directly with your professional. Discuss your project, exchange ideas and information, and establish a clear understanding of who they are and what they can do before committing to a transaction.

ServiceScape gives you the ability to avoid time-consuming models by allowing you to submit and pay for your project with just a couple of steps. There is no waiting for bids or for contest submissions. Except in the case of custom projects, all aspects of project creation have been predefined by ServiceScape. Prices, due dates, and all relevant service options have been integrated into the system. You can use the Cost Calculator to get an instant quote at any time.


Address: ServiceScape Incorporated 33 Pasho Street, Andover, MA 01810, United States.

Phone: +1 978-809-3160






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  1. пользователь Ann сообщает:

    Great work, with thorough details and comments. I am familiar with the Professor corrections and I welcomed her suggestions to improve my arguments. This time, she even sent me the corrected piece before the due date, very much appreciated.

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