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247EditingLogo24×7 Editing services were started in US in July, 2002. Their clientele included PhD scholars from US and Canadian universities, research scholars from European Institutes and Asian students pursuing their post graduate and doctorates. 24×7 Editing offers detailed proofreading, editing and formatting services at affordable cost. The increasing standards of guidelines issued by various universities and journal publication houses show how crucial it is to submit a flawless work. Not everyone is blessed with the required skills to prepare an error free work. With a team of 140 editors working with the project from different subject fields and qualified from prestigious universities, they aim to transform your work to a higher quality level by offering affordable dissertation editing services, research paper editing and other academic editing services.

The project has more than 140 editors working with them. Most of their editors are PhD from US, UK or Canadian Universities. They cover topics from Sociology, Arts, Life Sciences, Bio Technology, Engineering, Information technology, Literature, Management, Law and Corporate Finance/Accounting.

The servise also offer APA and MLA formatting services for both Masters and PhD candidates, research paper editing, multiple round editing.

Payment options: credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards.


Address: 1810 E Sahara Ave. #100 Las Vegas, NV 89104.

Phone: 1-800-407-1285







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  1. пользователь Zen Carter сообщает:

    Thank you for the superior service you offered. Your inputs were great and indeed improved my dissertation to great extent. I could not have achieved it without your support.

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