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Baker College LogoBaker College is an accredited, private not-for-profit American college in Michigan that was founded in Flint Township, Michigan in 1911. Since 1911, Baker College has been preparing people for successful careers. . Baker College now has thirteen locations throughout the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Baker is a career college. Baker offers doctoral degree program in Business Administration — Doctorate of Business Administration. It maintains a right-to-try admissions policy, and couples that policy with an extensive financial aid office to allow for a very broad base of traditional and nontraditional students. Baker is part of the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers (MACRAO) Transfer Agreement.

With Baker College Online, you can earn your degree without ever setting foot in a campus building. An Internet connection is all you need. The online courses begin and end on specific dates and class work has assigned deadlines to keep you on track toward earning your degree. The classrooms and our extensive library resources are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can do classwork day or night. They offer doctoral degree programs in business administration. Every online course they offer is based on a fully accredited core curriculum, so it’s easy to combine online and on-ground courses if that works best for you. See what they have to offer, and then contact us to learn more about how Baker College can help you prepare you for the career you want.

Baker College prepares you for your career in business through carefully designed programs that include both classroom instruction and work experience. Doctorate Program of Business Administration has an Advisory Board made up of the employers in the field, who work with us to design the curriculum and update it regularly, helping to ensure that our degree programs meet the demands of today’s workplaces.

Baker Center for Online Studies Doctorate Program of Business Administration designed to provide you with the knowledge, practical skills, and career tools you’ll need to succeed in today’s professional environment. It`s flexible structure accommodates the schedules and responsibilities of busy working adults.


Address: 1116 W. Bristol Road Flint, MI 48507.

Phone: (800) 469-4062

E-mail: online registration





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