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Union University LogoUnion Institute & University is a non-profit, private, premier adult education center offering doctoral degrees. Since 1964, Union Institute & University has provided socially relevant higher education degree programs. Union Institute & University empowers adults to acquire, apply, and create knowledge through interdisciplinary, flexible, and collaborative programs focusing on social relevance, personal enrichment, and professional advancement. The Union Institute acquired Vermont College in Montpelier, Vermont from Norwich University in 2001. In October, 2001, Union was renamed Union Institute and University.Its main campus is in Cincinnati, Ohio, and operates satellite campuses located in Vermont, Florida, and California.

The Union is accredited by the The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Union Institute & University (UI&U) is a research university that specializes in limited residence and distance learning programs. Union Institute & University offers PhD. programs in a variety of fields and disciplines. The Union Institute and University’s Ph.D. program came under scrutiny by the Ohio Board of Regents, culminating in a Reauthorization Report published in 2002. In response to the Report, The Union underwent major academic and structural changes, including dissolution of The Union Graduate School and restructuring of its Ph.D. programs. The Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences, for example, was redesigned to a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Union Institute & University’s doctoral program distinctly incorporates interdisciplinary study to advance your educational expertise. Explore academically rewarding concepts in social change, ethics, creativity and beyond with our rich online and in-person academic environment. The doctoral program is designed to fit your lifestyle no matter where you call home. Union’s flexibility gives you the opportunity to make the greatest meaningful change in your life: your education.

  • Educational Studies
  • Ethical & Creative Leadership
  • Humanities & Culture
  • Public Policy & Social Change

As a graduate student in the Ph.D. with a major in Educational Studies program at Union Institute & University, you will dive in to these issues with a focus on social justice in pre-k-12 and higher education. Our distance education program takes an interdisciplinary approach, challenging you to think about issues across the educational spectrum. From multiculturalism to educational law and policy, Union prepares you to understand issues from all viewpoints so you can join the individuals working to solve them.

Leadership cannot be explored without considering the relationship between power and authority or the relationship between leadership and change. As a doctoral student in the Ethical & Creative Leadership major at Union Institute & University, we encourage you to explore leadership from all perspectives.

As part of the Ph.D. with a major in Humanities & Culture at Union Institute & University, you will study the human condition and explore creative ways to advance social justice and acknowledge differences in individuals and social groups. Our Humanities & Culture program draws on a variety of humanities fields – social and political philosophy, history, religious studies, literature, and aesthetics – that relate to social justice and cultural differences.

The goal of Union’s Public Policy & Social Change major is to to question and reexamine the principles and values that govern our society. Union Institute & University empowers you to become a committed agent for social change and work to solve the issues within our societies. Our online hybrid delivery program is interdisciplinary, conditioning students to become engaged citizen-scholars who can study issues in their full complexity, not just from a narrow concentration. You will learn to reexamine the ways we generate knowledge and apply technique in a flexible, distance learning format.


Address: 440 East McMillan Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45206.

Phone: 1.800.861.6400

Fax: 1-513-487-1070

E-mail: admissions@myunion.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myunionedu

Twitter: https://twitter.com/myunionedu

WWW: https://myunion.edu

Please note that above article about Online PhD Degree Programs from Union Institute & University only covers some basic and introductory information. If you want further information, please visit official site of Union Institute & University.

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