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плаграмPlagramme or Plagia plagiarism checker will put links to the sources on the matched parts in your document. These links allow correct any improper quotations, words, and paraphrases in your document. If you are confident that the quotations are placed properly in your document, a simple verification on your part will allow you to proceed with your document review and download.

Plagramme logoPlagramme is the global plagiarism detection service provider, serving clients from more that 90 countries worldwide. The company is focused on providing text-related services, specifically related to similarity detection and plagiarism check. Plagramme develops its technology from a multilingual perspective, which allows them to provide dedicated plagiarism detection services for clients in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries. In order to provide the best available multilingual technology, their company serves as a national plagiarism detection system in countries such as Lithuania and Latvia.

The plagiarism tool compare every uploaded paper to more than 14 trillion web pages, books, articles, student papers and other material. In order to check the paper, you will have to spend credits. You can buy them or earn them for free by spreading information about our plagiarism checker on social media platform, such as Facebook and Twitter. Your are able to upload paper of any size (in pages). Once the check has started, your results are ready in a matter of minutes (checking times may vary and some cases may take longer than usual.) As soon as the check is complete, you will be able to see: similarity and concentration scores; a detailed report with highlighted similarities and links to their sources.

Uploaded documents or text (data) are stored on servers and excerpts from them are anonymously compared to the internet an internal data bases. The user does have full rights to delete documents from the servers. Uploaded documents can not be considered for other users’ plagiarism analysis without user will and permission.


Plagramme was established in 2011. It is owned by LLC ACVK and located in the marvelous central European city of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.


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