SCRiBBR plagiarism check for PhD students powered by Ephorus

scSCRiBBR plagiarism scanner for PhD students is official Ephorus plagiarism software. The Originality Score is the number that shows what percentage of your document is original. The rule is, the higher this percentage, the more original your text.

SCRiBBR logoSCRiBBR is a professional editing and plagiarism check 24/7 service based in the Netherlands. Next to having their theses checked, students can come to prevent plagiarism with our official Ephorus plagiarism check, or formulate their references with free APA Generator.

SCRiBBR uses the online plagiarism scanner software from Ephorus to compare the content of your thesis to billions of sources from the Ephorus database. The plagiarism check works for most languages. Educational institutions will never see that you have used the SCRiBBR Plagiarism Check.

Plagiarism is a serious act of fraud. You can avoid committing plagiarism by working with care when using sources. This means you have to know how to recognize plagiarism. It will help if you use APA Generator to correctly cite sources.


Start the SCRiBBR Plagiarism Check by uploading your document. You will receive an Originality Score based on the number of similarities found. You can immediately work with the results and see what content is unoriginal. Make sure to use the correct referencing style and to acknowledge your sources when rewriting your document.

The plagiarism check starts as soon as you complete the payment. The SCRiBBR Plagiarism Check compares the content of your document to billions of sources from the Ephorus database. As soon as a source’s text matches the text in your document, the source will be noted and the relevant passage will be marked in your document.

Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and Diners Club, PayPal, AliPay, iDEAL are accepted.


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