AH Editing — a journal paper, thesis or other academic document editing, Hong Kong

A-H Editing LogoA-H Editing editors are happy working on smaller projects such as individual academic papers, theses and internal reports, and indeed wthey spend a great deal of their time doing so. As well as having an extensive history of success in editing papers for publication in leading academic journals, they are a leader in academic communication, bringing valuable knowledge and experience to work on anything from websites, prospectuses and speeches to research brochures, grant proposals, director’s forewords and in-house magazines.

They work on papers from all fields and the quality of our work has earned us industry-wide respect. Our manuscript editing services are listed as an approved option by the largest publishers, including amongst others Taylor & Francis and Oxford Journals.

Established in 1996 they are head-quartered in Hong Kong, but employ native English-speaking editors worldwide. They are expanding rapidly in line with Asia’s growing importance in academic research. All of their editors are native English speakers, educated to at least undergraduate degree level and mostly to Masters or above, many from top-ranking research universities. They are matched with papers from fields with which they are most comfortable and can add the most value.

As they charge by the hour and quote on each paper you can be sure that you’ll only pay for what they do. They focus on improving documents in a number of areas: grammar, punctuation, style, spelling, standardisation of terms, clarity, fluency.

Payment options: by Post, bank transfer or deposit directly, online payment via PayPal or credit card from most locations or by credit card from the PRC and Macau.


Office: Room 2101, 21/F 99 Hennessy Road Wanchai Hong Kong.
Mail: Suite 2101, 99 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Phone: (+852) 2590 6588, PRC Toll Free: 4001 200 620

Fax: (+852) 2856 0735

Skype (English), QQ or Wechat (English & Chinese) ID: AH-Editing



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