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Anchor english logoAnchor English Proofreading is a British company and was founded in 1999, which makes it one of the longest-established internet proofreading businesses. It began as the copy editing division of a language services company in Japan, but as the amount of work increased it soon became a business in its own right. In 2001 the head office moved to the UK but they still maintain strong links with Japan and have a large client base there. Of course since they are an internet-based company their customers now come from all over the world. Anchor English provides proofreading and correction of all documents — PhD theses, dissertations, scientific research papers, correcting school and university compositions, journal submissions, manuscripts and personal papers.

Anchor English has a growing network of clients, located throughout the world, including many universities, companies, and individuals in Japan, Europe, Sweden, and the USA.

Only British or American editors — correction of all documents is done by professional, qualified English correction specialists from the UK or USA. All are English native speakers. Academic documents are their speciality. They have corrected thousands of academic papers such as research papers, theses, dissertations etc. and they work with universities worldwide.

Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and AmEx are accepted.


Address: Anchor English, Inchnacardoch, Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire PH32 4BN, UK

Phone: 44 (0)1320 366376



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  1. пользователь Kate сообщает:

    I was very surprised by your speed and attention to detail. I will definitely use your services again.

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