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Apollo Communication LogoUK-based Apollo Communication has been providing proofreading and rewriting services since 1999. The company was formed to meet the growing demands for editorial services in the humanities, medicine and nursing disciplines. Nowadays, practically all editorial tasks are done online – very different from how things were done in the 1990s. Their two core editors work in the West London office, while a lot of work is outsourced to highly experienced editors who have worked with them for many years. They work in a diversity of disciplines, such as medicine, nursing, social sciences, religious studies and spirituality, psychology (general, reflective), the care industry, and education.

Although they are based in London, many of their clients are from different parts of the UK, while other long-term clients are from Azerbaijan, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. From simple spelling and grammatical errors to complicated syntactical errors, their experts will find and correct all mistakes. Boasting more than a decade of experience, they offer our services to a range of clients, including health organizations, publishers, academics, and students.

Apollo Communication provides an extensive and meticulous academic proofreading service. Their proofreaders are all professionally trained with an advanced command of English and a great talent for spotting errors. The services have proved extremely useful for students who are not native speakers of English.

Payment options: Payment is made by Visa Card, MasterCard, PayPal or cheque.


Address: PO Box 54102б ​London W5 4YR.

Phone: 020 8354 2281, 07770 807246





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