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Boston BioEdit LogoBoston BioEdit was founded by Biological Scientists who trained at Harvard Medical School. They specialize in the editing of articles and project proposals written in English by non-native speakers. They provide extensive expertise in the technical writing of Molecular and Cellular Biology papers and grants in English and they will edit manuscripts in a prompt and professional manner. All editors at Boston BioEdit are PhD scientists who have been actively engaged in research and have published regularly in top international journals. At Boston BioEdit their editors are scientists working in the Boston area which is a world leader in Biotechnology and Medical research. They understand the requirements for publishing in top journals and will proofread and edit manuscripts so that the English is of the highest quality.

They are an English language editing service for biologists. English editing for biological scientists who are not native English speakers is vital for effective dissemination and publication of papers and submission of grants. They offer professional English editing and Biology editing by experienced biologists from Harvard Medical School and the Boston research community. English language editing and biology editing by Boston BioEdit scientists will greatly improve your paper and therefore result in faster publication.

English editing for biological scientists is often complicated and requires years of technical experience which will be provided by their scientific editors. The English language editing and biology editing that they provide is of the highest standard possible and that is they guarantee and their commitment.

Boston BioEdit has a strict confidentiality and privacy policy. All documents sent to them for editing and the identities of the authors will be treated as highly confidential. They will not discuss or disclose this information to any person not associated with Boston BioEdit at any time before or after the editing has been completed.

Payment options: payments can be remitted through US bank account, or by credit card via Paypal to the account.


Address: Kilian Perrem, Senior Editor, Boston BioEdit, 8345 NW 66 St #5741 Miami, FL 33195-2696 USA

Phone: — — —

Fax: 1-617-249-1649.

E-mail: , for enquiries in Japanese, please e-mail:


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