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Edit911 logoEdit911 is a global company with editors and clients based in over 75 countries around the world. Their main administrative offices are located in Los Angeles, CA & Oviedo, FL (USA). It`s online services for PhD students including dissertation editing services, writing advice by a staff of PhD’s. Over 21,000 documents edited since 1999. 100% guaranteed.

The service does more than just proofread. They provide full-service editing. The editors will improve the organization of your ideas, the precision of your words, your logic and your topic development. Their PhDs provide dissertation editing, thesis editing, essay editing, and editing services for all other types of writing.

A PhD editor who specializes in academic editing within your discipline will provide expert copy editing in whatever style your university requires. Whether you’re a scholar or a PhD student, they edit articles for publication in scholarly journals, as well as providing essay editing and paper editing for postgraduate students. We have edited thousands of essays, papers, and scholarly articles for fellow PhDs alike. They will take your text to the next level, thus maximizing its chances for a high grade or successful publication.

They’re the editing service employed by Cambridge College, the University of Phoenix, and thousands of professionals and PhD students. They’re all PhDs: working college professors, scholars, and published authors highly skilled at English editing, dissertation editing, thesis editing, and academic editing editing.


Address: 2200 Winter Springs Blvd, Ste 106 Oviedo, FL.

Phone: toll free 1-877-334-8911 9am – 5pm EST.

E-mail: contact form





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7 комментариев: REVIEW OF EDIT911

  1. пользователь Seyid O. сообщает:

    For all kind of academic reviews or best editing inputs prior to any professional publication, Edit 911 is my favorite PhD experts’ team satisfying my quality quest perfectly. I would never hesitate for a second to remmmend my exemplary performers to perfect any linguistic deficiency or literary redundancy

  2. пользователь Megan C. сообщает:

    Great experience overall. They helped me in a VERY timely manner accomplish much needed editing for my Dissertation.

  3. пользователь Tofoipupu M. сообщает:

    Edit911 worked on my dissertation and did an excellent job. They edited and formatted my work in only a few days. I only wish I had found them sooner. I will definitely seek their professional help again in the future. Thanks Dr. Baldwin and everyone at Edit911.

  4. пользователь Gordy W. сообщает:

    Was great to get editing from PhD folks, they did a good final read of my dissertation polishing up a few APA and other errors. Good way to make sure everything is good to go!

  5. пользователь Janie сообщает:

    I was very impressed with the accuracy, speed, and professionalism Edit911 provided in editing my PhD dissertation. I would use their service again and recommend them to others.

  6. пользователь Natashia сообщает:

    Let me just start by saying I have never worked with such a professional company! Mark is personable and responds to your emails within hours! I was struggling to get through Chapter 2 (Lit Review) endless revisions from my committee! However, after one revision with edit 911 my chapter was approved!!! That was the beginning of our relationship! Each chapter thereafter, I have sent to edit 911 with impressive revisions! I am proud to say that I will be graduating May 2016 as a result! Edit 911 editors will ask you questions about your vision of your dissertation and make thoughtful revisions! I am currently working with Edit 911 to conclude Chapter 5! I have no regrets for seeking out this company and maintaining my relationship through chapters 2-5! It is well worth the money! If you are dedicated to making the revisions and recommendations offered by the editors of Edit 911, you will not regret it! In fact, you will be writing your own positive feedback also! I guarantee it! Thank you Edit911! May 2016 graduate!

  7. пользователь Caro B. сообщает:

    My first time using Edit911 which was recommended by my Mentor. My dissertation chapters were a success! Thank you very much for your expertise. I will surely recommend your services to my friends and colleagues. Another plus — The price is right !!

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