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EditorPagesLogoEditor Pages is dedicated to editing, reviewing, formatting and designing of research papers to make them fit for publication in the leading academic journals. Editor Pages has a team of experienced editors, who have worked with students in the best known universities. Some of their editors have also been associated with journal publication houses. They all have a certain degree of subject matter expertise, which utmost important for an academic editor.

The range of services has also widened over time and now they cover the entire spectrum of assistance that an academic author might need. They also edit and review PhD dissertations and master’s theses for scholars, helping them to get outstanding scores. Their services for graphic designing of pages and rejection editing have been immensely useful for authors.

Editor Pages is a Unit of ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd, the education consultancy.


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360 Research Papers — Research Paper Editing Services, Scientific Editing Services

360 Research Papers logo360 Research Papers is a website dedicated for helping authors getting published. They focus on helping authors and research scholars get their research papers edited without having to face rejection letters and submit the manuscripts to scores of journals. Their vision is to create such a service which provides free resources, expert services of translating and editing to authors and hence improve the quality of research papers being published. 360 Research Papers service was started in 2010 by Puneet Chadha, and since then has become the world’s largest scientific editing service having completed editing of over 14000 manuscripts since then.

To attain this aim, they have an in house team of editors and proofreaders who have skills, experience and inclination to make every submission unblemished. Their team members have masters, or PhD qualification, in their respective fields, and are subject matter experts with minimum two publications in impact factor journals. Moreover, they are native English speakers and have an in depth understanding of the formal English that is required for journal papers.

360 Research Papers falls under the aegis of ELK Education Consultants Pvt Ltd.

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Address: One Boston Place, Suite 2600, Boston, MA 02108.

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    EditnPublish came as a life saver for me. After so many errors and rejections, I lost all hope of getting my paper published, but they turned my dream to reality.

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