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Elite Research LogoElite Research, LLC is a global provider of research and statistical consulting. Those business supports corporate, nonprofit, academic, and medical researchers in editing and proofreading research and academic papers. Their experienced consultants strive to not only present you with accurate results, but to ensure that you understand the analytic techniques utilized to obtain those results. They are equipped to meet your research needs to ensure that your project is a success. At Elite Research, they provide numerous ways to help support you on your path to success. To help the clients succeed in their academic, business, medical health, or nonprofit endeavors, they provide a number of document prep services, including guidance in manuscript preparation, grant preparation, Microsoft Word support, and diverse technical writing and editing services.

Elite Research, LLC is a company dedicated to assisting clients in the research journey. They want to assist you in designing, collecting, analyzing, and reporting your data. They support academic, medical, corporate, and nonprofit research in all phases of the research process. Their statistical consultants offer guidance with data collection, statistical analysis, survey design, and transcriptions. Their expert editors can assist in putting the finishing touches on your project with both surface or more extensive mechanical editing. Their office accommodates lab hours for their clients where you can receive on-site assistance with all of your questions. They ensure the most detailed, expert, and quality services to empower today’s researchers.

Since 2004, Elite Research has been supporting researchers in their journey through designing, collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. Elite offers national and global guidance for all researchers to empower better topic development, survey design, data collection, data preparation, statistical analysis, editing and formatting, results reporting and manuscript preparation. These researchers include students, faculty, or whole institutions, corporations, non-profits, and medical health facilities. Their specialization ranges from data mining, higher level statistical analyses, modeling, six sigma optimization and change implementation.

Elite Research’s editors strive to see students succeed and reach their academic goals of earning their Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Below, you will find their editing services provided by thre expert technical writers and editors, including translating style and university guidelines; reviewing documents for content; editing documents for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and formatting documents to clients’ specifications.


Address: Elite Research, LLC
9901 Valley Ranch Parkway E.
Suite 3075
Irving, TX 75063

Phone: 1-800-806-5661 or (972)538-1374

E-mail: consulting@eliteresearch.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eliteresearch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elite_Research

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/elite-research-llc

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Eliteresearch

WWW: http://www.eliteresearch.com

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