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English-Proofreader LogoEnglish-Proofreader provides a one-to-one personal proofreading service. They are published academics in various fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences. They are native speakers of English from Down Under (Australia and New Zealand). Put more simply, they know inside out the hassles involved in trying to get your text sorted out or to have it published. You can thus count on them to polish up your manuscript before handing it in.

They proofread and edit your text for a single price irrespective of the level of English or the number of hours to do it. The service charges 2 cents per word but with the following great discounts. All students qualify for a 50% discount, while non-students qualify for a 25% discount. There are no other charges.

Express Service is meant for those who need their documents back as soon as possible. For proofreaders, it means having to drop everyone else’s work in order to start working immediately on your document. All discounts are the same as for the Normal Service except for an extra charge of 40% to students and 50% to non-students.

Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover and AmEx are accepted. A secure online payment system processes your payment.


Address: PMB 368, 14150 NE ST — F1, c/o, Bellevue, WA 98007, USA

Phone: (425) 2740657

Fax: (425) 9744730



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