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Grammar101 LogoGrammar101 team have been online since January 2000 and theey are thoroughly enjoying working on the World Wide Web. They take pride in providing quality services at a competitive cost. Their international staff of expert editors, all of whom are screened, tested, interviewed, and have previous experience in editing, are available 24 hours a day to complete the services. Many of their editors are English professors with extensive teaching experience. The editors have many years of experience in editing. They have experience in proofreading and editing documents with a grand repertoire: including business, medical sciences, computer science, engineering, biology, and physics, among others.

The editors keep up-to-date with the most current proofreading/editing manuals, journals, publications, and masters and doctoral theses. In most cases, your work will be returned to you proofread and/or edited within 24 hours. Professionals with literally hundreds of cumulative years of teaching and writing experience will weigh every word, thought, and punctuation mark.

Confidentiality: The customer’s document is his or her intellectual property. They do not share, sell, or distribute what you send to them. The documents are only read and corrected by their editorial staff. They will not disclose their customers’ email addresses or personal details to any outside party.


Payment options: they accept Master Card, Visa, PayPal, Discover, American Experess or can take a debit from your checking account.


Address:, 17518 147th Ave Queens, New York 11434 United States.

Phone: toll-free number 1-866-989-EDIT(3348)

Fax: 760 462 3040



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