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Media Dialogue LogoMedia Dialogue provides professional proofreading and editing for academia. Media Dialogue’s writers spend their working lives crafting and refining words, and when they do so they’re able to give them their undivided attention.

Media Dialogue retains an academic advisor to ensure that all academic copy editing and proofreading is compliant with university rules. If you’re an academic, can you afford to have your brilliant writing peppered with grammatical mistakes or syntactical flaws? Don’t just hope that your copy’s error free. Use a professional proofreader and copy editor. You can afford their services. Can you afford mistakes in your copy?

Media Dialogue uses experienced proofreaders, including academics, to scrutinise your work carefully and remove spelling mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors, and faults in syntax. They also advise the author on how to improve the flow of the writing.

Media Dialogue is a media services agency, offering, editing, proofreading, copywriting, journalism and photography. With a background in photo-journalism, writer and editor Nick Robinson founded Media Dialogue in 2010, and the client list includes academics, advertising and marketing agencies, book publishers, newspapers and magazines, writers and students of many nationalities.


Address: Outside Lane, Kanangra, Oxenhope, Keighley, BD22 9QW.

Phone: 01535 644 304, 07889 294 102






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  1. пользователь Panita N сообщает:

    Nick is a very helpful and professional proofreader. I know him from a reccommendation of my friend for proofreading my dissertation for my master degree. He help me dealing with grammar and language structures. He also accept works during weekend which really help me a lot when I have to submit my urgent works, which require proofreading to improve the quality of works, within a time limit. In addition, he set a reasonable price even for works during weekend. Next time, if I need proofreading for my writing, I would like to request for his service again.

  2. пользователь Alper Lancaster сообщает:

    I have used Nick’s academic proofreading service for my academic work. He offers professional and excellent service. I will definitely benefit from his service again. Thank you Nick.

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