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Nextgenediting logoNextgenediting is a premium scientific and medical manuscript editing company. In addition, it provides author services, medical writing, and they offer strategic partnerships with journals and institutions to deliver complete scientific solutions. Their scientific editors are qualified with doctoral degrees, and their medical editors are dual qualified with medicine and doctoral-level degrees. All have published or peer-reviewed manuscripts in highly ranked international journals. Many sit on their editorial boards.

They are dedicated to improving science by providing quality editing, publishing, research, and educational services to the clinical, medical, and scientific communities. They have a particular density of interest and expertise in molecular biology, genetics, pathology, personalised medicine, biomarker research, and clinical statistics and bioinformatics.

The company and editors are fully based in the UK. Nextgenediting was founded by academics from the University cities of Cambridge and Edinburgh. It is part of Nextgenology Ltd (a trading name of Nextgenology Ltd.), a modern and dynamic young company based in London and Cambridge, England.

Payment options: PayPal, VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, Direct Debit and American Express are accepted. A secure online payment system processes your payment.


Address: Nextgenology Ltd., 145-157 St. John Street, London, EC1V 4PW, United Kingdom.

Phone: 020 8819 3885





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  1. пользователь Nick сообщает:

    Nextegenediting was tremendous: professional, great communication, and importantly, the editing was top rate. For anyone considering an NIH grant proposal this would be the place to go. I actually submitted my proposal to two editing services at the same time to compare — and on all accounts, speed of delivery, communication, professionalism, and the actual project itself — top rate.

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