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Oxbridge Editing logoOxbridge Editing was founded in 2006. Having started out in Oxford, they’re now established in central London. Oxbridge Editing Having come through university, they were well aware of the laborious nature of preparing manuscripts. Checking carefully for typographical errors and mistakes in grammar or punctuation can take as long as the writing process. Having digested reams of academic material, they also knew that at times good ideas and clear thinking can be obscured by clumsy style, poor choice of words or awkward sentence construction. So they started Oxbridge Editing to cater for these two separate but related requirements: to lessen the pain of manuscript correction and preparation4 and to help those students and academics who aren’t natural writers to communicate their ideas in good, clear, academic English.

Since 2006 they’ve helped countless students at all levels – from undergraduate through to post-doctoral – as well as professional academics. They’ve edited doctoral theses, dissertations, papers for journal publication, and even books. They’ve assembled a highly skilled editorial team that covers all disciplines and subjects. All their editors have impeccable academic track records and years of experience of writing or editing academic publications.

Oxbridge Editing is the UK’s most trusted provider of high-quality proofreading and editing services for native or non-native English speaking students, using only experts from Oxford and Cambridge University. Ensuring that your academic work is immaculately proofread and edited is crucial to guaranteeing that you will receive the best result that your hard work deserves.

Oxbridge Editing is a trading name of MRJ Corporation Ltd. Company Registration No: 7370640. VAT Registration No: 103393445.

Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Maestrio and SagePay are accepted.


Address: Oxbridge Editing 73 Chalton Street London NW1 1HY.

Phone: 0207 391 9035

E-mail: contact form





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