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Pacific Edit LogoPacific Edit is a company which specializes in enabling non-native speaking biomedical researchers to publish in the very best, high impact, English language based, peer-reviewed journals. The company has edited more than 500 manuscripts in a wide variety of biomedical and biomedical-related fields.

Pacific Edit’s staff has advanced degrees from such institutions as University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, Harvard University, University of California at San Diego and other lead universities. The editors at Pacific Edit will edit, polish, and rewrite any type of document in any field related to biomedical science. All editors are Ph.D. scientists with considerable experience in the writing and editing of manuscripts submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Most have also written grant proposals and reviewed journal articles, and themselves published original research articles in peer-reviewed professional journals.

Areas of Expertise:
• Medicine & Health Sciences
• Genetics
• Proteomics
• Molecular Biology
• Biochemistry
• Pharmaceutical Science
• Drug Discovery
• Chemistry
• Animal Models

Their standard turnaround is 4 working days. Although, they do not ordinarily work holidays or weekends, special arrangements may be made where necessary. TheyWe also offer rush service (2-day and 1-day) at higher rates.

Payment options: Pacific Edit accepts international money orders, checks, secure online credit-card transactions, and bank transfers.


Address: Pacific Edit, 1907 Leavenworth Street #12 San Francisco CA 94133 USA.

Phone: (415) 351-2243

E-mail: &


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