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Proofreading London logoProofreading London offers professional proofreading, editing and copywriting services. It`s a professional proofreading, editing and copywriting service that caters to the specific communication needs of a wide range of PhD student clients. All their services are centred on helping you perfect your writing and set yourself apart; whether you need help editing your thesis or article, Proofreading London has the skills and creativity to produce high-quality work that will leave a lasting impact.

Proofreading London provides a comprehensive human proofreading and editing service for PhD students that helps them communicate with clarity, accuracy and precision. Not only do they help polish academic writing, but they also show PhD students how to improve their writing skills, which has proven particularly beneficial for students who are not native English speakers.

Proofreading London boasts a small, highly qualified team of proofreaders, editors and copywriters who can liaise directly with you while working on your project to guarantee you are satisfied with the final result. This fully personalised approach is what makes their bespoke services invaluable to all clients, whatever their background. Company Number: 9074600.

Payment options: bank transfer, PayPal.


Address: Proofreading London, Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX.

Phone: 07715 552 877






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  1. пользователь Asma Salih сообщает:

    The service of Proofreading London was more than fantastic. They are accurate in time, give excellent suggestions and comments on your work ( sometimes with ideas that you never think of). Their prices are excellent and resonable. With Proofreading London, my thesis looks excellent, readable and presentable. Me and my husband had a very excellent experience with Proofreading London. My husband got ‘distinction’ on his MA thesis(which I am sure that without proofreading job, he wouldn’t get this mark) and I just finish mine and waiting for the result. Personally, if I will go for Phd. In the near future, definitaly, I will have Proofreading London to read the work. Me and my husband consider ourselves ‘lucky’ to have Proofreading London to read and revise our work. I strongly recommend Proofreading London to all students and enjoy the experience with them.

  2. пользователь Ch. Mahmood сообщает:

    I did the proofreading of my dissertation with «Proofreading London». It was very good experience for me because those who work in this team are experts with very good knowledge of their job. This team is really on time and they always sent me back my work, earlier than what we had agreed on. Their detailed corrections and comments helped me a lot to improve my work. And they were always available to answer my questions about the work.

  3. пользователь Karl Rosiel сообщает:

    I believe Proofreading London is the best one I ever see, Laura at Proofreading London did a fantastic proofreading and editing for my dissertation, CV and covering letter. Every single element is fabulous. I recommend you guys hand your items to them, they won’t let you down.

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