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SCRiBBR logoSCRiBBR is a professional editing service based in the Netherlands. With over 200 professional editors they are the market leader in the Netherlands and in Belgium. They are expanding internationally and provide their customers with a 24/7 editing service. Next to having their theses checked, PhD students can come to them to formulate their references with free APA Generator. Their knowledge base provides them with content on how to write essays or theses, offering students everything they need to complete their studies successfully.

Editing theses is a discipline in its own right. The editors take into account the academic style you need to write in when editing your thesis. The editor corrects for the following: spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation, academic style. If the meaning of a sentence is unclear, the editor will help you improve the text by asking questions, providing suggestions, giving tips and writing comments. You will receive personal, constructive feedback from your editor on your most frequently made language errors. In doing so, the editor will help you become a better writer for the future.

Additional costs: Improving the layout of your document costs € 49, and we offer this a separate service. Checking references costs € 2 per reference. You can also use our free APA Generator to make a reference list.

Payment options: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, AliPay, iDEAL and AmEx are accepted.


Address: Burgemeester Brokxlaan 8-88, 5041SB Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Phone: International +31 (0)13 822 3424, UK 020 3608 2616






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11 комментариев: SCRIBBR REVIEW

  1. пользователь Shanawaz Mohammed Ghouse сообщает:

    My PhD thesis editor (Samantha) did a excellent job. I strongly recommend her service for any health related write ups.

  2. пользователь Andreas сообщает:

    Everything worked as expected, good support.
    I used SCRiBBR to have my PhD thesis checked and everything worked flawlessly. Thanks, guys!

  3. пользователь Mick Weijers сообщает:

    This editor has really helped me with my dissertation. She corrected my sentence structure, spelling and verb tense. Reading the chapters is more easy now. She also added some general tips! She did good!! 5 star

  4. пользователь Prisca Bruno Massao сообщает:

    Scribbr! First I was scared by the name. Who gives an english editing firm such a name? But the all reviewers were quite good. So I decided to take a chance. The resuslts were beyond any expectations. Samantha did a fabulous jobb om my Phd. thesis in Sociology. Kind and professional feedbacks. Fantastic customer service from the Scribbr-team throughout. Thank you and I have learned not to judge a firm by its name. I recommend SCRIBBR:).

  5. пользователь G. сообщает:

    Firstly, I would like to thank Michael for the revisement. My thesis was improved a lot indeed, and I agree with most of the comments and revisement. You read carefully and thanks again for the reading. I expected you will make a great deal of changes on my thesis, because my supervisor always changes a lot. I have to say, for grammer checking, you did a great job. I have learned a lot from your comments.

  6. пользователь B.B. сообщает:

    Speaking a foreign language is a difficult task, but academic writing in a foreign language is even more difficult.
    This company helped me finish my MA thesis. Once editing is done, I got a very specific comments on my writing, which is very helpful for me to improve academic writing. I am really happy to have them for a part of my MA life!

  7. пользователь Sheila Rodriguez сообщает:

    I needed to correct my Masters Final Dissertation as English is for me a foreign language. As they are native speakers they corrected me everything and also made nice comments that helped me to improve the final result.
    Moreover, they delivered it before the time stablished.
    I am very happy with the result and I also received positive feedback from the institution.
    Thank you to the team and to my corrector!

  8. пользователь Sergi Abad сообщает:

    Kristine did a great job, considering the technical content of the provided document. I’ve learned a lot with her suggestions and comments.
    I would recommend this service to other non-native english Ph.D. students.
    Comparing several proofreading services this is the best considering price /quality. ratio. I’m sure.

  9. пользователь Javier сообщает:

    Master degree in the pocket
    The editor definitely put a lot of effort in editing my thesis. I can recommend this service! I will use it again when I need it.

  10. пользователь Nikolaos Mikos сообщает:

    I’m currently doing my PhD on the university of Athens. I got comments from my supervisor that my English wasn’t good enough to publish my articles. The SCRiBBR editor corrected quite a bit, made the text flow and gave me extremely useful comments. I’ll come back for my full dissertation and I have recommended you to all my friends! Cheers!

  11. пользователь JP сообщает:

    They did a great job on my paper for my dissertation. It reads so much more professionally now! I’m very happy with the result. They respected my 24 hour deadline (got the edited paper back at around 12 hours) very much are the online support staff were quick and helpful answering my questions.

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