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Stickler LogoStickler has edited thousands of documents in just about every topic imaginable. They specialize in academic editing for ESL/EFL authors. They are passionate about providing the highest-quality editing possible, at affordable prices and with fast turnaround times. We pride ourselves on our flexible, personalized approach. aims to: provide high-quality proofreading/editing services with rapid turnaround times, at affordable prices; keep clients coming back, and recommending to others; and offer excellent, responsive customer service. What they proofread: academic editing of manuscripts, journal papers, reports, essays, dissertations and thesis.

They have proofread academic documents in just about every topic imaginable. All fields are welcome. They have also provided copy editing services for globally renowned publishers, and edited hundreds of master’s and PhD theses and dissertations.

As standard, their academic editing service includes: correction of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax; suggestions where additional improvements or clarifications may be beneficial; consistency checks with regard to headings, tables and figures, etc.; formatting of the paper to style guidelines (where applicable); formatting of the reference list to style guidelines, or for consistency with the predominant style (where applicable); 30% discount on re-edits (for example, where changes have been requested by reviewers and the paper has been heavily revised); support after project completion.

They also offer some optional add-on services. Translation: documents are translated into English, and then undergo our usual rigorous proofreading service to bring them up to academic standards, and in line with any style guidelines. Covering letter: they can create a covering letter for you to send along with your article to your target journal. Plagiarism checks: they use PlagScan software to make sure that your work does not contain unintentionally plagiarized content (this is also useful where you have drawn from other published work and wish to ensure that the text will not be considered plagiarized). After scanning, you receive a report containing suggestions on how the identified issues can be overcome.

Payment options: VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, Discover and AmEx are accepted. A secure online payment system processes your payment.


Address: 5416 Fair Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601, USA.


They reply to all queries within one business day (business hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Pacific Time, Monday to Friday).






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  1. пользователь tabeah сообщает:

    Stickler Proofreading proved to be absolutely professional and I am 110% satisfied with the delivered copy-editing work regarding my dissertation project. The reviews were returned as promised and even quicker and the service was very flexible with regard to editing chunks of the manuscript, which helped my a lot as I had to catch a deadline. Correspondance was both professional and personal and I had the feeling that somebody actually understood the pressure I was under at that time and really tried to help by being flexible and highly supportive. Thanks a lot Virginia Hayman for your service! I definitiely recommend the work of your company.

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