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StyleMatters LogoStyleMatters provides research, writing, marketing, web development, and publishing services for U.S. and international clients. Their goal is to help you bring your written work to publication. StyleMatters offers writing and editing services to academics in all fields. They work with you to present your research in the most polished, professional way. They assist at all stages of the writing process, from the first brainstorm to the final copyedit, ensuring that your work meets the demands of the institution, committee or journal to which it is directed.

From journal articles and literature reviews to dissertations, they offer multiple levels of support for diverse academic documents at reasonable prices.

StyleMatters also provides retained editing services and writing instruction in support of doctoral programs. They teach candidates to write better, and theyt act as editor-at-large—allowing faculty advisors to focus more time on the substance, rather than syntax, of student manuscripts. Their partner institutions vary widely and have included Columbia University, the Society for Human Resource Management, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the American Psychological Association. Their academic clients span the globe and include faculty from 60 universities, including Harvard University and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Aren’t based in Philadelphia, New York or Washington D.C.? Not a problem. Most of their projects are done successfully over the phone and email. They’ve worked for clients as far as Japan, China, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and India.


Address: StyleMatters Writing Services, 340 North 12th Street, Suite 312 Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Phone: (866) 792-6164

Fax: (866) 373-6134






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