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TM Editing LogoTM Editing provides editing, proofreading and copywriting services to students and academics clients. From proofreading through to developmental and structural editing, ghostwriting and manuscript assessment, they love engaging with writers and their work to bring out their strengths prior to publication, as well as assisting emerging writers with manuscript development.

They put the final touches on your dissertation, journal article or paper before you submit it, helping you achieve the best possible outcome after all that hard work. They review the structure, content, logical progression, and consistency of your argument. They also provide suggestions and comments if you need to explain, expand, or review your argument in order to properly express it.

They can edit your: thesis, dissertation, essay, paper, journal article, textbook, assignment, research proposal. TM Editing can can work with all referencing styles (including APA, Harvard, AGPS, and others), and to support any tight deadlines we can accept submissions in bulk or a chapter at a time.

TM Editing works with academics and students from various Australian universities, including: University of Sydney, University of Technology, Sydney, University of NSW, University of Western Sydney, Macquarie University, University of Wollongong. They have a strong history of providing editing to ESL / International students; assisting them to clearly express their ideas and research.

TM Editing (ABN 25 592 310 914) founded in 2004.

Payment options: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Visa / Mastercard, PayPal and Cheque.


Postal Address: PO Box 533, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia.

Phone: calls from within Australia: (02) 8003 3482, calls from outside Australia: +61 2 8003 3482.



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